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About Bright Star Promotions, Inc.

Valerie Rogers, founder and President of Bright Star Promotions, Inc. (based in Louisville, Kentucky since 1982), produced dollhouse-miniatures shows for over twenty-two years. She is presently promoting only teddy bear shows and has for nearly 40 years.

Bright Star Promotions, Inc. celebrated the 600th show produced since 1982 in Tampa Florida on February 20, 2011.


All live in-person shows are no longer promoted and the teddy bear artist shows continue exclusively online.

Her love for the two collectible hobbies and a background in business and advertising led her naturally to becoming a leading show promoter.

She is the Publisher and Executive Editor of www.bearsandbuds.com, the original online, monthly teddy bear magazine with a Global Source Directory, features bear artists each month, sponsor of the annual URSA Awards Competition, whose magazine is named "Bears&Buds".

Valerie produces online shows where the market reach is worldwide. "it is my pleasure to connect artists with collectors through the magic
of the Internet."  Collectors shop with confidence knowing that the online artists are Bright Star show artists and Bears&Buds Professional Artist-Members. "Bears are at your fingertips and right on your computer monitor 24/7 during show hours!" she said.


Wish Upon a Special Star Wish Upon a Special Star!

Tampa Teddy Bear Show 2015

Best of Show Winners!

The Theodore Ambassador Award - 2004
Bears&Buds online Teddy Bear Magazine, available 365 days a year! Now in its 9th year of online publication. Sponsors of the annual URSA Awards Competition
"Star Of Wonder" (Teddy Bear Review)
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