The Online Teddy Bear Show is Closed


Country flags of the participating Artists in our Winter Teddy Bear Show

After the Show - Contact List

Winter Stars Teddy Bear Show

Did a bear capture your attention during the online show. . .

but you did not adopt it?

Now that the show has closed, you can contact the artist directly and

see if it is still available or place an order for a similar bear.


Judy Eppolito
Atalia Bear Studio
Natalia Oelofse
B.J.'s Bears
Betty Franks
Babcock Bears
Pat Berkowitch
Bainbridge Bears
Donna Hinkelman
Bear My Sole
JoAnne O'Hanlon
Bearied Treasures by Dolores
Dolores Austin
Bearily Pawsing
Donna Manthey
Sue Van Nattan
Bears `n Buds by Armella
Armella M. Dana
Bears and Roses
Ina Smirnova
Bears by Beth Ann
Beth Anne Martin
Bears by Donna Jean
Donna Fifarek
Bears of the Abbey
Susan Mckay
Erin Roy
Chantal`s Bears 
Chantal Giroux 
Christy's Bears
Christy Firmage
Cobblestone Creations
Laura Majusiak
Cookie's Critters
Donna Nielsen
Cooper Bears
Kay Cooper
Denise Bledsoe
Denise Bledsoe
Diana Watts
Elegant Creations
Vicky Lougher
Sue Vandyke
Gilmur Rudley Bears
Jackie Melerski
Hager Bears
Donna Hager
Handmade by Carrie
Carrie Wilmot
Happy Tymes Collectibles
Bev White
Heir Bears
Jane Woodard
Honeybug Bears
Connie Stark
Janet Anderson & Bears
Janet Anderson
Jan Cuming
JRB Creations
Jeannette Bashore
Lulu Bears
Luann Bowen
Martha's Bears
Martha Burch
Mary Dowd Bears
Mary Dowd
Claudia Schlue  
Sandy Czaja
Pinney Bears
Margaret Jackson
Marge Wiese
Quilts n Critters
Marilyn Wagner
Teds 'n Such
Tyler Crain-Davis
Terries Bears
Terrie Lynn Kalaputas
The Bear Maker
Pam Kisner
Berta Hesen-Minten
Warm Heart Bears
Carolyn Robbins
Wicked Bear Fibers
Dale Crocker


Join us again on May 9 - 12, 2014
for the Teddy Bear Artists ONLINE Spring Show
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